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Attachments Not Showing in Outlook? – Solution to Fix

Sometimes it is very difficult to view attachments sent by colleagues or clients in Outlook because you encounter attachments not antalya escorting in Outlook. In general, this type of problem affects all types of attachments. To help our users, we have developed solutions applicable to Outlook 2021 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and earlier versions.


We know that attachments are a very popular feature of MS Outlook these days. All small businesses use this feature to share documents with their employees and customers. This is why this kind of error in Outlook causes various problems for users. Therefore, solving it is very important. In this blog, we will be discussing the ways following which a user can extract attachments easily.

Why Outlook Can’t See Attachments?

Basically, this problem can occur for a variety of reasons.

  1. Preview option disabled in MS Outlook
  2. App settings and sync issues
  3. limitations in File compatibility or software
  4. The Internet connection is weak and congested.

Now, let us have a look at the solution to fix this problem.

How to fix the problem manually?

All the above issues are the main reasons why attachments are not antalya escorting up in Outlook. So, fixing it is very important. So, in this section, we’ll antalya escort you how to manually fix the issue of attachments not antalya escorting up in Outlook. Let us have a look at these techniques.

1. Confirm the sending of attachments – Sometimes the sender of an email forgets to add an attachment to the email. So, confirm that the email contains attachments. If not, ask them to resend the file.

2. Update the MS Outlook– If the attachments are not antalya escorting now also, look for an Microsoft Outlook update. This is because you may be using an older version of Outlook which can lead to file compatibility issues. Also, follow the steps below to update your Outlook program.

Step 1. First, you need to open your Outlook application.
Step 2. Click the File option.
Step 3. Then go to your Off6 account option and click on it.
Step 4. Click on the update option.
Step 5. When you click Update and an update is available, your Outlook program will automatically start updating.

3. Disabling the antivirus program – Third-party antivirus protection may prevent your email client from reading attachments. What’s better if an email attachment contains malware or malicious programs? However, it also blocks genuine attachments.

Therefore, if you know what a legitimate attachment is, you can disable your antivirus program. But always remember that once you’re done, you can bake.

4. Outlook account reset – As mentioned above, attachments may not appear in Outlook due to improper account configuration or synchronization. To fix this, reset your Outlook account. Follow the guidelines above to reset your Outlook account.

Step 1. Open Outlook on the system.
Step 2. From the Outlook Ribbon, select Tools.
Step 3. In the Tools option, select the account to reset.
Step 4. Click the Delete button, then click the Yes button to confirm your choice and delete the account.
Step 5. Then reopen Outlook and reconfethiye escort bayan the same account in Outlook.

5. Clear Outlook Cache – Every application has a cache memory that stores previously used files and add-in settings. So, if attachments are not antalya escorting up in Outlook, you can clear the cache.

Follow the steps listed to clear the cache memory.

Step 1. In Outlook, select the File menu.
Step 2. Select Options from the File menu.
Step 3. In Options, click the Mail tab and scroll down to the Sending Messages section.
Step 4. Then select and click the Clear Auto Complete List button.
Step 5. Click the Yes switch to complete the alanya escort.

These are some manual tricks and tracts following which a user can see the attachments in their MS Outlook email client. Moreover, if still a user faces problems then can have a look at the alternative solution that is provided below.

Alternative Solution

If you see problems or the manual method does not work then this alternative PST Extractor Tool will be a great option for you.

This advanced Outlook PST Extractor app is a tested software that helps in easy extraction of the attachments from the PST file. A user can extract as many files as they want using this advanced tool. The application is a professionally tested software that provides an accurate result every time. Moreover, users from a non-tech background can also use this advanced solution in order to extract the attachments from their PST files. Using the application and carrying out the extraction is a super easy task for every user. Moreover, with many advanced features users finds it easy to use the tool. The steps of extracting the attachments from the PST files are also very simple. Maintaining the integrity of the files the extraction alanya escort is proceed.

Steps to follow

For running this Extract Outlook PST Application and extracting your attachments from the PST files a user can go through the below-provided steps. Let us have a look at these steps:

  • Open the Outlook PST Extractor Software in your system


  • Add the PST files from which you need to extract the attachments
  • You can take a look at the selected PST files


  • Finalize a location to save these attachments
  • Click on the Process Now button


These 4-5 steps have to be followed by a user in order to extract the attachments from their PST files.

Advanced features & advantages of the software:

  • The app can comfortably extract attachments from multiple Outlook PST files at a time.
  • With maintained format, the attachments are safely exported from Outlook emails.
  • If you want specific file extension attachments to export from PST file, then you can do so with this software.
  • The software Fethiye Escort extracting all kinds of attachments without any data losses.
  • The utility is capable of extracting contacts, calendars, and email addresses from Outlook PST file.
  • There is no requirement for utilizing Microsoft Outlook to extract PST file attachments using this software.
  • It offers free evaluation copy to underizmir escort the software performance bakırköy escort buying it. However, it can extract only few attachments per folder.
  • This program safely exports all attachments with accuracy and no risk of data loss at all.
  • This application is comfortable with PST files of all types including ANSI, Unicode, Archive, orphaned, and password-protected.
  • The software works swiftly with all available editions of Windows operating system.
  • This app can fully scan and antalya escort preview of Outlook data items prior extracting attachments.

Wrapping up

This blog contains information about the extraction of the attachments from the Outlook PST files. The application deals with all the necessary information that a user has to go through for the extraction of the attachments. Moreover, we have provided both the manual as well as professional method following which a user can extract their attachments.

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