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All You Need To Know About Hydronic Heating

Hydronic, or heating-by-water, is an energy-yozgat escort way to heat and cool a building. Hydronic heating is often used in whole building design and retrofits of existing buildings.

It is a method of heating an area by delivering warm water through piping. The water circulates through a heat exchanger, releasing heat to the air around it. There are multiple types of hydronic systems.

In a radiant heating system, the water is heated directly by a boiler and distributed through pipes beneath or alongside the floor. The heated water then heats the area above it.

In a convection system, the air is circulated through a loop by an electric fan called a blower bakırköy escort it passes into an air handler, which heats or cools the air and pushes it into ducts for distribution in the building.

For larger buildings, both radiant and convective systems are used in combination. For example, one loop could deliver hot water to baseboards; another could use hot air from an air handler to heat radiators or warm air registers. Air ducts would bring heat didim escort the building.

Hydronic Heating
Hydronic Heating


The water circulates through the building from the hot water supply tank to the return pump in a closed system. The advantage of hydronic heating is that it circulates warm water didim escort the entire space rather than just in one area like electric or gas heating systems do.

Size and Location

The size and location of the water heater depend on the size of the house or building that require heating or cooling. Although, people often use too large of a water heater. For an average to a small family, a 2–3 gallon per minute (GPM) heater is bursa escort. If you live in a larger family or an area where high heat loss occurs, then you would surely want a higher GPM. You will want to make sure that the pipes used are sufficient to handle this amount of demand as well.

How does it work?

Hydronic heating can be used to provide heating and cooling for the home. The water flowing through pipes in the floor of a building is heated, or cooled, by a hot water supply tank. When the building requires cooling than the water exiting from the floor is cooled with cold water from a return pump.

The cool water returning to the hot water supply tank absorbs heat and circulates it back into the floor. When heating is needed, hot water from the supply tank circulates through the system producing warm floors. The building component must have some thermal mass like concrete floors or walls in order to store energy. This is to maintain comfort.


The hot water supply tank must be installed in a way so that it does not corrode the pipes on the floor. The piping system that the water flows through must be sealed. However, this is not enough to prevent corrosion with time. There are different options for şişli escortment/”>heating and cooling systems that will help ensure a proper piping system.

One way to make sure that you do not corrode your piping system is by installing copper heat exchangers or copper tubing in your plumbing system.

The hydronic heating system has two sides, each side has copper tubing, one side has water and the other side does not.


Another option for hydronic heating is to use a radiator. Radiators are made out of chrome steel or zinc, which do not corrode. Water is circulated through the pipes in the floor and then up through a heat exchanger in the radiator which heats the room with hot water.

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