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Air Conditioning Summer Tips You Need to Know

Summer has arrived, and with it comes an increase in the average daily temperature. Air conditioners are quickly becoming indispensable in the modern home, as a result of the sweltering heat, and practically every house now has at least one. It contributes to the room remaining at a temperature that is pleasant and cool. If you want your air conditioner to last for a long time and work correctly, you need to take good care of it ducted air conditioning installation.

Air conditioners have to work harder in the summer since the temperature outside is higher, which makes the task of cooling your home more difficult. Putting too much strain on your air conditioner might reduce its efficiency and shorten its lifetime.

Take into consideration the tips that follow to ensure that your air conditioner remains in excellent condition brought to you by the most trusted air conditioning company in London

Purify the Filters

After prolonged usage, the air conditioner’s air filters will get soiled. It may get blocked with dust and grime, which can result in several issues. Your air conditioner will create loud sounds and will not properly discharge air. To avoid this, you should clean your filters every three months. For regular maintenance, you may perform it yourself or contact the Air Con Company for assistance.  If you use disposable filters, replace them annually for optimal performance ducted air conditioning installation.

Keep the Room Closed

Maintaining the room’s seal will keep the chilly air from escaping. If cold air escapes, your air conditioner will have to work harder to circulate more air into the room. This creates a loop that will continue until the leak is stopped. If your air conditioner releases cold air at an excessive rate, it may overheat and be damaged. Apply caulking, weather-stripping, and enough insulation to seal the space firmly and limit the loss of cold air. Looking for air conditioning installation  London? Talk to our experts today! 

Turn Off When Not in Use

It is advisable to turn off the air conditioner while you are not in the room. Some individuals prefer to leave their air conditioning on so that the room is cool when they return. This is not the optimal option, since it causes your AC to overwork.

Make Your Room Dim

Close the windows and raise the drapes to prevent sunlight from entering the room.

Sunlight delivers ultraviolet (UV) rays, which may dramatically heat a space in the summer. And if they enter the room, your air conditioner will be forced to pump a great quantity of cold air, which will cause it to overheat. Therefore, when the air conditioner is switched on, draw the curtains.

Add ceiling fans to your air conditioning

Combining ceiling fans with air conditioners is an efficient approach to save energy and chill a space. If you switch on both your ceiling fan and air conditioner, the fan will circulate and distribute the air around the room. This quickly cools the air and reduces the amount of power your air conditioner has to expend, extending its lifetime.

Ensure There is Sufficient Space for Your AC

Ventilation system installation in a large room offers several advantages. If the surrounding region is unobstructed, air may circulate freely throughout the whole room and will not get clogged. Both the interior and outdoor units must be positioned in a roomy location. Ensure the area is devoid of pillars, walls, and other obstructions such as bulky furniture. Air conditioners must take in and release air, thus if they are put in a confined location, they will not operate well.

Utilise an Intelligent Thermostat

A programmed smart thermostat helps minimise energy costs. A smart thermostat can determine the optimal room temperature and regulate the air conditioner appropriately. Thus, the air conditioner will not have to exhaust itself by pumping out additional chilly air. If your air conditioner is not automatically programmed, set the thermostat between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius, which is the average room temperature.

Clean the Air Conditioner’s Vents

The air conditioning blows chilly air via these vents. Therefore, if there is dirt and dust in these vents, not only will airflow be impeded, but the filth particles will also be expelled into the room. Accidental inhalation may result in an allergic response and other health issues. This is particularly concerning for youngsters and the elderly. Therefore, clean the vents every three to four months to prevent dust accumulation.

Ensure that the Outdoor Unit Is Spotless

Equally crucial as the inside unit of your air conditioner is the exterior unit. If the outside unit is damaged in any way, the interior unit will not function properly. Occasionally it may not even power on. To prevent this from occurring, always maintain the outside unit clean. Clear the vents to avoid the accumulation of dust.

Additionally, keep vegetation and vines away from the outside unit, since they might obstruct the fan and cause damage to the device.

Maintain Regular Service

There can be occasions when your air conditioner fails or displays indications of deterioration, even if you have followed all the measures outlined above. To extend the life of your air conditioner, you must thus fix these problems as soon as feasible. Even if there are no visible indicators of deterioration, you should inspect the general condition of the air conditioner every 4-5 months. Otherwise, it will gradually diminish the efficiency and durability of the air conditioner. If your air conditioner is older than five years, you must clean the filters, vents, and replace the gas every three months. For air conditioning repair in London, get in touch with us today. 

Final Reflections

The average lifespan of a modern ducted air conditioning installation is around ten to fifteen years; but, if you do not take proper care of it and conduct periodic maintenance, it will begin to fail sooner. As soon as it happens, the regular repair expenses will become unpleasant, and your air conditioner will not function as effectively as it formerly did. If you take the steps that have been outlined in this article, your air conditioner should continue to provide high-quality service for a very long time and be able to withstand the severe weather of the coming summers.


Mark Steven

At Aircon Company UK, Mark Steven is a marketing consultant with a far-sighted vision and an open-minded approach. Mark contributes to Air Con's brand exposure, reputation, and commercial success. Aside from that, he is eager to contribute his knowledge by writing blogs about the sector.

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