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Advantages of Fiber Optic Perimeter Pool Lighting

Having a swimming pool in your yard is a great way to enhance the avcılar escort of the place. There are many ways to enhance its avcılar escort, like lighting up the pool. Amongst the different options, you have optic fibre lighting. Swimming pool lights help your pool irradiate the pool water and create a beautiful and eye-catchy atmosphere for your guests and family. These lights not only enhance the avcılar escort of the pool but also adds safety. The pool is easily visible during the dark hours. Further, it brings the added glow your home nurtures at night. 

Fibre Optic Perimeter Pool Lighting – An Overview:

The function of fibre optic is as a light pipe; it transfers light between two ends of the fibre optic perimeter. Located a bulb in a lightbox somewhere above your swimming pool, and the light from the bulb goes through the fibre optic cable. This Fiber optic perimeter pool lighting is attached to the walls of your in-ground swimming pool.

The fibre optic lights are versatile by nature and easily fit at the perimeter of your swimming pool. Further, fibre optic lights use transparent wires to transfer light from one cable end to another. The light is generally discharged from the end of the cable. Thus, it will refrain the lights from travelling from the bulb to the wire ends. Therefore, you must use it with caution because a little carelessness can damage the cable. However, Fiber optic perimeter pool lighting is a good option for beautifying your swimming pool.

Advantages of Fiber Optic Perimeter Pool Lighting:

Using fibre-optic light for your swimming pool has many reaping benefits. This article will discuss the advantages you can expect from fibre-optic lights.

  • The initial and the lifetime expense:

 The new construction of fibre optic light is a little bit more expensive than the other options you can find to illuminate your swimming pool. Fibre optic perimeter pool lighting initially costs anywhere between $900 – $1500. To illustrate, this high cost is because the fibre optic light remains above the pool and is synchronized with the pool perimeter. Thus, it needs a fan to cool down the bulb. Furthermore, there is a motor that helps the colour wheel to change its colour. However, it has a longevity of 3 to 5 years.

  • Lambency of lights:

What kind of lights you want for the swimming pool depends on you. Moreover, if your swimming pool is just behind the window of your bedroom, then you might need dim lights for your pool. Contrarily, if your swimming pool is covered by a big tree or a lamp post, you might need an illuminating, strong light. However, to create a beautiful mesmerizing ambience around your swimming pool, you must choose Fiber optic perimeter pool lighting.

  • Always pay attention to safety:

You must know that water and electricity are the two most different alanya escort ilan you cannot yoke together. There is always a possibility of body current in the case when the electricity goes into the water. Therefore, choosing an optical fibre light can ankara escort very beneficial for you. In the case of fibre optic, the electricity never comes in close contact with water. It works as an insulator layer and is safe for underwater usage. Moreover, all the wires are inserted in the illuminator, which remains above the water. Thus, Fiber optic perimeter pool lighting is a much safer option.

Choose the right color

Even though you will hire professionals to set the lighting for you, it is important to choose the right type of light for your pool. Several color options are available in the market for this lighting. It could be white, yellow, blue, pink and even green. The color you choose adana escort go with the ambiance you want to create. It must also be in sync with the theme of the pool you’ve created. If you want to create a psychedelic experience, go for a dull color which could be dark blue or even pink.

However, if you want to make your pool look classy, then you must go with yellow might just be the right thing for you. White color might also go; however, it may seem too bright for some people.


Apart from you deciding that you want the fiber optic perimeter pool lighting for the pool, it is also important to consider where do you want the lighting to be. As per the recent trend, you could put these lightings around the outer perimeter of the pool as well as inside the pool.

You could get the lighting fixed on the inner edge of the pool underwater which will also provide a splendid view of your pool area. Don’t worry, this would not be dangerous as these lights are waterproof due to a special protective layer on them.


Not many people know this business but fiber optic perimeter pool lighting cable comes in different shapes and forms. Apart from being available in a rectangular or circular shape, you can decorate them in any shape you want.

There are many places where you can make interesting patterns and shapes with lighting. When used around the poolside, it creates special effects that can enhance your experience even more. The shapes could be stars, hearts, triangles, or many more. You might even prefer projecting the light on the pool along with the fiber optic.


When buying fiber optic perimeter pool bakırköy escort-making-a-purchase/”>lighting for your house, it is important to consider the size of the pool carefully. Since the lights come in patterns, you adana escort stick to the continuity as much as possible. You would not want breaks in the flow as it would affect the entire experience.

To make sure you get the right measurement, get help from a professional. They will ensure that not only is the size of the pool measured correctly, the different methods to set up the light could also be considered. A professional would also know what offset to take for your pool to be on the safe side, as far as the size of the lights is considered.

Perimeter pool lighting is to enhance the look of your pool. While selecting pool lighting you need to consider your location, weather, budget, and requirements. Choosing blindly wouldn’t help and result in more problems. At the present, the lights come in almost all colors on the present on the color wheel. It adds avcılar escort to the pool and even the background. Maintenance is required if the light stops working or any other problem takes place. Generally, LED lights don’t cause trouble, so this is considered one of the bursa escort choices in lighting options.


However, if you want to change your pool’s avcılar escort by adding a green or blue light, you can rush towards fibre optic lights. It will give a more subtle and serene look to your pool.

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