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8 best fantasy sports apps for most major sports

It’s likely that you’re here because it’s the time for your sport of choice to start the season. Are you looking for a thrilling way to participate in the action, and the fantasy sports are a great option. It’s fun, competitive and low-energy. It provides a reason for you to go to games that aren’t only your favourite team. You just need to set your rosters, make trades, and take advantage of free agency. Watch the game. We can help you locate the best choices for fantasy sports. Here are the top fantasy app download on Android.

CBS Fantasy Sports

CBS Sports Fantasy is one of the few all-in-one fantasy sports app. It offers drafts that are live and mock season projections for every player information about the player draft assistance and much more. The pages for team management are simple and easy to navigate. This is a great thing considering that there’s so much information to sift through. It includes fantasy football, basketball, baseball and hockey. It allows you to jump between the two each year as you need. It’s not without its flaws from time to time. The majority of issues aren’t that terrible, however.


You’ve likely heard of DraftKings before. They boast of huge wins that nobody ever receives from their weekly and daily fantasy pools. You’re likely not likely to quit your job to become an all-time fantasy jockey. But, the app can still be a lot of fun. It has a wide range of sports, such as golf, fantasy basketball, football, soccer, baseball hockey, Nascar, MMA, and the CFL. It’s not the most trustworthy however, it has free games you can enjoy as well as pay. We don’t suggest the expensive paid leagues. It’s just a waste of money. In other words, there’s plenty of things to do for all.

Draft Punk

Draft Punk is a tool for only fantasy football. It lets you mock drafts, keep track of more than 1,000 players, and much more. It also lets you add your league’s scoring settings to create an even more customized mock draft. It’s a great application for football enthusiasts who love fantasy. Furthermore, the app contains tons of information gathered from a variety of sources. The majority of draft kit-related information such as this is only available online. It seems like football is a special case in this instance. This is an excellent option for fans of fantasy football. Sleeper is a great application that is also available in this field.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN Fantasy Sports is one of the most well-known fantasy sports apps. It has the most popular sports. It includes football, fantasy basketball, baseball, and hockey. It allows you to create private leagues as well as join leagues that are public. Additionally, it comes with Material Design Player rankings projections, mock drafts and much more. It also sends weekly emails that track your progress. There are some issues. All-in-one fantasy sports apps are. However, this isn’t anything particularly serious. They’ve also recently transferred the Streak (also known as Cash) game to the application. It’s not great yet.


FanDuel is similar to DraftKings. It’s a platform for fantasy sports that uses real money. It lets you bet on the team you want to play against all other players. The winner will take home prize money. In contrast to DraftKings the latter does not have reliable alternatives for free. There are a lot of low-cost options, however. You could also organize an individual league that is just you and your pals. The players collect the money and distribute it for the top winners. We’re not sure why this game didn’t fall under the Google Play in-app purchases tag. It’s very entertaining but we don’t advise spending a lot of money for this. There are brackets too for things similar to March Madness.

Fantasy Football Draft Wizard

Fantasy Football Draft Wizard is one of the best applications for fantasy football. It offers mock drafts, details about the majority of players cheat sheets, a draft analyzer and much more. The app also includes an actual draft assistant. The application is compatible with a range of platforms that include Yahoo, CBS,, MyFantasyLeague, RT Sports, Fantrax, and NFFC. It can be somewhat expensive. The price could turn some away , and that’s okay. There are many draft kit and mock draft applications out available that are less expensive for those on a tight budget. The app developers also have fantasy baseball apps too.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is among the most popular podcast apps for mobile. It’s not the traditional fantasy sports apps. There’s a myriad of fantasy sports podcasts available there. This includes weekly or daily discussions on players forecasts, players, and more. It’s a great to listen to during long hours in the office or on your commute. The more information you have the better to achieve. The app lets you search for those you like you like, download them to your computer to listen offline and keep track of the most recent episodes. The free version has many of the features with a few ads. It is possible to pay for a premium subscription to get rid of advertisements but you don’t need to for you to join for a listen of your preferred music. Doggcatcher is a great podcast player too.


RealFevr is an app for fantasy sports soccer (European football) enthusiasts. It is compatible with a range of tournaments and leagues. This year, it even participated in the World Cup. The app comes with all the features you’d expect in an app for fantasy. It also includes the salary cap model as well as prizes, playoffs, as well as support for multiple platforms. There are soccer leagues with individual apps that can give you a better experience in the particular league. This is however the best option for soccer enthusiasts who enjoy many occasions. It’s also free.

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