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7 Thriller Nightlife Activities in Japan to Enjoy 2022

Japanese nightlife is a whole new identity of this country. You can experience a completely transformed world on the nights of Japan.  It is a land of tech & culture that loves booze. And, it has some surprising activities for you to make the most out of the Japanese night scene.  For starters, it is NOT just nightclub, drinking & Karaokes! There’s a long list of unexplored, treasured activities that are especially catered for the all-night-long party scene in Japan. You can find numerous fun & unique ways to level up your night outs in this country & bring a blast to your get together parties

1. Izakaya Treat

Izakaya is a Japanese-style bar that usually offers an “all you can order” system to enjoy your night-outs in Japan. Locals call it Nomihoudai & Tabehoudai meaning drink and/or food respectively. This system Fethiye Escort you to order unlimited food & drinks, within a set period of time( usually 2 to 3 hours). 

It is vaguely similar to the barbecue or buffet systems in other foreign countries. But, unlike tsot buffets providing similar food with unlimited serves, in Izakaya you can spend a fabulous bursa escort-cities-for-the-nightlife-in-japan/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>nightlife in Japan with a wide range of drinks & diverse cuisines all in one round.

In fact, the Izakaya food menus are specially designed to offer small, budget-friendly,  & tasty cuisines that can be antalya escort by everyone at the table. Some of the highlighted dishes & drinks in Izakaya include edamame, yakitori (grilled meat on skewers), Karaage (fried chicken), Tofu, grilled fish paired with beverages ranging from soft drinks, beers, to absolute Sake. Before turning yourself into a deadly ‘food ninja’ at Izakaya just remember to say ‘Kanpai’ which means cheers in Japanese!

Recommended places for Izakaya: Tokyo’s Golden Gai in Shinjuku(open till mornings), Ginza, Shinsaibashi

Average Cost: ¥3,000/ hour

2. Karaoke Nights

Karaoke is one of the most popular nightlife activities in Japan to have fun with your colleagues or friends. Yeah! drinking with your colleagues after office hours is a hugely practiced norm in Japan.  Only when you thought your boss was nosy, here it comes! A whole country that blurs the line of professional & personal relations with a far-fledged drinking culture paired with singing on top.

The word karaoke means empty(kara) orchestra(Okesutora). It is a musical track with no words. You sing to the lyrics that appear onto the Karaoke screens & win different levels just like a game night. 

You can find private & public Karaoke places in Tokyo on every street. Such rooms also offer drinking services paired with the booking fee for a Karaoke room. You can also order light starters such as ramen, pizza, nuggets, etc. to extend your stays at these incredible karaoke nightclubs of Japan.

Recommended places for Karaoke: Shinjuku, Shibuya, Dotonbori

Average Costs: ¥1,000/ hour (free drink service included)

3. Nomikai or Japanese Drinking Trails

By far now, you might’ve understood Japan’s love for drinking. So following up on their footsteps, if you wish to spend a wild nightlife in Japan drinking with your colleagues or regular clients. There is a long list of exciting drinking places in Japan to cover.

Though, don’t drink too much, as finding Japanese salarymen passed out on the streets on Friday night is also a common norm in Japan. Ginza and Shibuya nightlife is bursa escortbakırköy escort for serving some of the bursa escort Nomikai. 

Recommended places for Nomikai: Shinjuku (Golden-Gai, Omoide Yokocho), Shibuya (Nonbei Yokocho), 

Average costs: ¥3,000 – ¥5,000 per hour

4. Tokyo Nightclubbing

Tokyo Night Club

How can you miss a famed place in Japan that is entitled as ‘the city that never sleeps? Apparently, the insomniac Tokyo’s nightclub has it all covered for an ‘all night long party’ celebration. Tokyo offers some of the top bustling night scenes of Japan. 

Roppongi and Shibuya in Tokyo are the biggest and bursa escortbakırköy escort nightclubs zones in Japan to have an unforgettable adventure.

Usually, people recommend Roppongi for spending the bursa escort, Japanese nightlife for foreigners whereas Shibuya as youngsters hotspot to flock for a fun night out.

Recommended places for Tokyo Night Clubs: Ginza(Genius Tokyo nightclub) Shibuya(Contact, Harlem, Clum Woumb, Gaspani nightclubs) Shinjuku(Showbox nightclub )

Average Costs:  ¥3,000 – ¥6,000 per person

5. Game Archades

Well, you don’t wanna get drunk & you don’t wanna embarrass yourself with terrible singing at Karaokes. So what are the left options for you to spend the bursa escort nightlife in Japan? Game halls of arcades in Japan are your answer!

No, it’s not just for kids. The Manga & animation culture of Japan has already upgraded their gaming cultures to another realm.  The gaming zones are open until midnight. Gaming Archades are some of the popular places to relieve some work stress or to spend a nice time with your buddies.

Ranging from classic hits such as Pac-Man to traditional gaming versions such as ‘Taiko Drums’ you can find all genres of adventures. Though, don’t leave these gaming zones of Japan with a Purikura trial. It is a mechanical photo booth where you can snap photos some turn’em into cute and colorful stickers.

Recommended Manisa Escort for gaming arcades: Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Dotonbori, Ginza, Tokyo

Average costs: ¥1,000 – 2,000 per hour

6. Geisha Hospitality

Geisha H

You might’ve seen endless movies on the Geisha culture of Japan. But if you really wanna experience the authentic Geisha lifestyle. Then, the perfect way of enjoying the bursa escort nightlife in Japan involves witnessing their professional hospitality & surreal performances at Kagai(Manisa Escort where Geishas live & perform)

There are around five most popular Kagais that make the Kyoto nightlife in Japan more enthralling.Gion and Pontocho are some of the most-visited Kagai in Kyoto that attracts many tourists from across the globe. It is recommended that you book the tour or performance night bakırköy escorthand.

Recommended places for Geisha performances: Asakusa, Nihonbashi, Mukojima, Kagurazaka and Shimbashi

Average Cost: ¥3,000 – ¥6,000 person

7. Skyline Views


Japan might be the only country whose skyscrapers are always surprising & appreciated didim escort the architecture community of the world. Along with revolutionary designs they also transcend an astounding skyline of the city.

Tokyo features some of the ultra-famous skyscrapers, that provide a ravishing metropolitan landscape. Some even provide dedicated observation decks solely for grasping an epic panoramic view of the entire city. So, Spend your Nightlife in Tokyo, Japan while stargazing from the tallest building of Tokyo. Or, if you wish to stay grounded you can also visit Dotonbori. It offers some stunning townscape views involving sparkling neon signboards and lots of rush.

Recommended Manisa Escort: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower(52nd floor) Shibuya, Dotonbori, Namba

Average Cost: ¥1800- 3000 per person

Hope you are all set to party hard in Japan. Through this brief list of thriller nightlife activities in Japan, I’m sure you’ll nail your travel plans with flying colors or let’s say with flying delicious booze! To have more insights into the bursa escort travel itineraries across the world visit Adequate Travel. We have some crackhead travelers who are all into offering the weirdest & engaging travelogues from around the world.

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