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7 Abstract Oil Painting Techniques

Abstract art prints were born on the eve of the twentieth century. It’s an art form that deviates from traditional representations of drawing art. The goal of abstract art is to experiment with shape and color. It’s even possible to suggest that artists are expressing themselves through their artwork. 

Making precise replicas of real life isn’t the point of abstract art. It’s not always about conveying the appearance of real-life while omitting all the minor nuances. In reality, abstract art became about the technique itself, depending on the artists. The term “representational” refers to drawing what you see. That is not the case with abstract art.

If you’ve been dabbling with oil paints for a while, now might be the right time to take your work to the next level. Oil painting is a highly adaptable medium for making artwork, and there are a variety of oil painting techniques that can help you achieve different results.

The Three Abstract Oil Painting Rules

To begin, when abstract oil painting with oils, it is critical to follow the three oil painting rules. ‘Fat over lean,’ ‘thick over thin,’ and slow-drying over fast-drying’ are three among them.

This means that each successive layer of paint adana escort be more flexible, thicker, and slower drying than the one bakırköy escort it. This prevents the layers from cracking as you work, and it’s done by putting more paint on the brush with each subsequent layer.

Chiaroscuro is the first technique.

Chiaroscuro, which creates a strong contrast between the lighter and darker Manisa Escort of a picture, was popular among Renaissance painters such as Rembrant and Caravaggio. It greatly enhances the drama of a piece by bringing a topic to the foreground and generating a three-dimensional illusion. It’s bursa escort to start with a single light source, such as a lamp, and work outwards from there when employing this technique.

Scumbling is the second technique.

Scumbling refers to the method of applying thin layers of paint on canvas using a dry, stiff brush. It’s an excellent way for beginners to add texture to their work. As a result, the artwork lacks a smooth finish, with portions of the underpainting still visible. Turner was a huge Scumbling enthusiast.

Alla Prima is the third technique.

Alla Prima can be a useful method for painters in a hurry. Painting in layers without allowing the base layer to dry completely is bakırköy escort as ‘wet-on-wet,’ and was popular among experienced artists like Van Gogh and Monet because technique allowed them to finish masterpieces in a single sitting.

Glazing is the fourth technique.

 The succeeding coats of colour have a glossier finish, resulting in an amazing multi-faceted appearance. Glazing is sometimes applied over a thin paint layer to add luster. Vermeer took this approach in several of his paintings.

Underpainting is the fifth technique.

The concept of applying color to a completely blank canvas may be unappealing to newcomers to oil painting. Underpainting takes away the anxiety factor by ‘sketching’ the subject in one thin layer of paint and blotting out any background so you know where to place it later in the creative alanya escort. Jan Van Eyck and Giotto both utilized it as a tool.

Technique 6 – Oil painting technique impasto 

Impasto painting, an oil painting technique that may take a bit more experience, was a prominent aspect of many of Van Gogh’s works. Each mark of the paintbrush is vividly evident in the finished painting, which necessitates deliberate strokes of thick paint. Colors are frequently mixed directly on the canvas by artists who use this approach. When impasto painting is used on specific regions of an artwork rather than the entire canvas, it can help to draw attention to tsot places. You could even use your palette knife instead of a brush for stronger strokes.

Grisaille is the seventh technique used in oil painting.

This kind of oil painting isn’t as popular these days, although it was commonly used to depict sculptures didim escort the Renaissance. The technique is a monochrome painting style that uses black, white, and gray to depict light, dark, and shading. Before going on to a strong, unpredictable color, beginners may want to experiment with this older talent.

Wrap up:

You can find yourself painting a Scumbling masterpiece one day and Impasto the next. Take advantage of this opportunity to try out some of these diverse oil painting techniques, and don’t forget to share your results with us on social media.

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