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6 Ways to Style a Soft Blanket Throw in Your Home

Our home is our sanctuary. We want to feel as cozy and comfortable as possible—especially in the place that we spend the most time.

Turning a house into a home all really comes down to the ay in which you decorate it. Think of your house as a blank canvas, where the little details will let you style your home in a way that feels truly like you. From using a soft blanket throw to doing Pinterest DIY tips and tricks, you can turn your place into your dream home.

When it comes to using your soft blanket throw as a piece of décor, there are numerous different routes you can take. You can add it to pretty much any room and see an instant elevation as a result.

To give you some inspiration for how to bursa escort use your soft blanket throw—along with providing you with all the criteria to ensure you use nothing but the bursa escort blanket—we have rounded up all the tips and tricks for you to follow.

Remember though, that no two homes are the same and it is up to you to put your own personal twist on it all. Plus, who does not want to have décor double as a cuddly and reliable go-to when you need a bit of extra warmth and comfort?

  1. Use It to Accent Your Sofa

A great place to use your soft blanket throw is when accenting your sofa. This is a really easy and straightforward way to create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere in your living room. You have likely seen this in many home magazines and in furniture store displays. It makes sense because when you relax on a couch you will equally want to be able to cuddle up under a blanket too.

The more texture and layers there are to the blanket, the better it will be when it comes to completing the look in your living room. Best of all, you can get your soft blanket throw to be in nearly any color so that it can support the overall theme of the room.

  1. Use It to Make Your Bed

When you aren’t all cozy in your bed, you will want to make your bed look as inviting as possible. Adding a top layer of a soft blanket throw on top of your bed is a great way to finish off the look. Plus, it is practical as it will equally be a very accessible layer to grab in the middle of the night too when you get cold.

The way in which you can use a soft blanket throw on your bed varies and the styling of it comes down to the type of material you invested in. Some of the most popular options for beds are blankets made from wool, cotton, or even fur. Plus, there are a variety of textures to choose from too. This ranges from ones that have fringed edges to others that have weaved patterns.

  1. Use It Over a Chair

Similar to the sofa, styling a throw blanket over a chair—especially in the dining room—can create a whole new type of atmosphere that makes the space even more inviting. Simply drape the blanket over one side of the chair and let it naturally hang over the side. It will add a splash of color and a layer of warmth to the room and equally impress your family and friends who come in there to dine with you.

  1. Use It as Wall Art

One of the most popular ways to style throw blankets in the home as of late has been to use it as a tapestry. While this has been something that has actually been done for centuries, it has recently burst onto the scene as one of the must-have art pieces in the home. Your throw blanket will likely be handwoven and have a really intricate design. In fact, this one will likely be too pretty to even want to ever use.

  1. Use It in the Backyard

Throw blankets are not just reserved to be used inside your home. They can be used outside as well. Especially if you have an outdoor dining area, you can use your throw and hang it over one of the chairs. This will make for some cozy evenings having al fresco dinners under the start as well.

  1. Use It on a Ladder

Another popular way to use a throw blanket as décor in the home is to pair it up with a wooden ladder. Often going in a blank corner of the house, this combo will provide depth and height to the room and can really transform the look of it all.


With so many great ways to style a throw blanket, why wouldn’t you try it in your home too?


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