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5 most expensive diamond rings available in 2022

The world has seen opulent and expensive diamond rings that have resplendent diamonds. The Blue Oppenheimer was added to a ring and then sold. A lot of celebrities have also been known for their diamond rings. The 5 most expensive diamond rings available in 2022 will help you to choose the best one.  Celebrity engagement rings have been getting larger and the price also matches the size. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Lopez both have rings that cost more than $1 million dollars. While Blake Lively sports a 7-carat pink diamond that costs an estimated $2.5 million. Celebrities and royalty often sport expensive diamond rings, but even the common man can get a good deal through certain sellers, such as the Hatton garden engagement rings. But just to see what type of rings can be more expensive, here is a list of some of the more expensive diamond rings.

  1. Color

A diamond ring with a naturally colored diamond is more expensive than natural colorless diamonds. Colored diamonds are harder to find because the colors can’t be added to natural diamonds. And if they occur naturally, then they do have a tag of rarity attached. The rarer a stone, the higher the price. That is why if you want to show your love and have the budget, you can go for a colored diamond ring. Vivid yellow, vivid blue, or vivid pink are diamonds with one unique color. Often stones can be brownish-orange or brownish-red – a mix of two colors, but a vivid color diamond has a strong single color making it quite fascinating and expensive.

engagement rings

2. Cut

The cut and shape of a diamond can affect its price. The most expensive type of diamond in this regard is the round brilliant. This is also the most popular cut and the priciest. This cut has the most facets and requires more time and effort to process. The precision of the work is high and the cutters have to get rid of a lot of diamond pieces in order to create the multiple facets. This type of cut has true brilliance and fire. Fancy diamond shapes like oval and pear can cost lesser because less of the rough diamond is discarded during the stone’s processing.

3. Size

The size or the carat of a diamond also determines its price. The more the carat of a stone the more expensive will it be. The carat weight can compare to painting size. Thus, a 1-carat diamond will cost more than a half-carat diamond. The carat can be more if your budget is higher. So, if you want to buy an expensive ring, go for a diamond with a higher carat. You can get something of your preference and budget from the jewellers hatton garden.

5 most expensive diamond rings available in 2022

4. Setting metal

The overall cost of a ring also depends on the metal band. Platinum is pricier than gold and hence may lead to an increased price. Jewellers also sell white gold – a mix of gold and platinum. This way you get the best of both metals. You can choose a metal band based on your price range is. Platinum is expensive so you could go for that.

5. Design

The design of a diamond ring also affects its total price. A ring with a single diamond may cost less than a ring with multiple stones. Jewellers often design rings with one stone at the center, which is flanked by multiple smaller stones. So if you want to splurge on the diamond ring, choose multiple stones to be added to the ring.

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