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3 Common Pool Table Moving Scams and How to Avoid it?

Pool tables are one of the most prized possessions of every homeowner. I underizmir escort that you are so careful and possessive about it. But when your moving date arrives, isn’t it better to research well about your movers rather than not doing anything about it? Here’s why choosing professional pool table movers is a necessity. Too many people have complained about scams regarding moving companies which led to a huge loss in their beautiful pool table. Anyways moving is a stressful time. There are hundreds of things you have to manage on your own from owning a checklist, changing legal addresses, finding a new abode, and most importantly saying goodbye to your old friends and close family kıbrıs escort.

Amongst all these physical and emotional strains, if you choose a scamming moving company for your precious pool table, then it’s going to be a disastrous experience. You might think ‘How can I get scammed so easily?’. But these occurrences are more common than you think. About 13% of Americans got scammed by one or more moving companies between 2020-21. Are you wondering what these scammers are doing? They pretend to offer yozgat escort and quality services but take your money and completely vanish. At times they perform the task with zero experience that leads to damage to bakırköy escort-taking-a-home-loan/”>property. Now if you don’t hire professional movers Raleigh for helping you with pool tables, believe me, you will lose thousands of dollars worth of money. Learn authentic pricing at https://collegedudeshelpmove.com/pricing/

Common Scams of Fraud Pool Table Movers And How to Not Fall in The Trap

pool tables

Random Extra Payments

Typically moving pool tables in short or long distances is a Herculean task. Some scammers may try to use this fact as bait to charge you a lot more than originally decided. For example- David Mc’ Allen had booked the services of an unbakırköy escort and unpopular pool table moving company thinking it will save a lot of his money. At first, they gave him a quote that attracted him. But later they kept increasing the price. The excuses they gave went something like the stairs is too many, the distance is too much, workers are not being able to segregate the pool table and so on. Lastly, he understood that they were scammers trying to leech him off.

If you are noticing that the company you have hired for moving your pool table is giving you random checks asking for more than the original quote, it’s better to let them go. Professional and the bursa escort movers in the Charlotte NC area will give you one quote that will be applied didim escort the moving alanya escort without any abrupt price change.

‘Too’ Many Positive Reviews

Some moving companies have too many greatly structured reviews. At first, you might get moved by it, but think practically. Not all customers are supposed to like their service right? It’s human nature to find faults in everything. So how can this moving company have such perfect reviews? Asking this question to yourself will give you the answer. The company is fake. Reputed moving companies Raleigh NC area have mixed reviews and tsot reviews are usually not detailed.

If you notice that the reviews have a common pattern of holding detailed reviews like ‘amazing services of XYZ company of lifting and securing the pool table pieces, superb reassembling of the slates and new liner of pool tables,’ know it is written by fake customers. Common people are not supposed to know these technical terms related to pool tables and the way they are unsecured and later assembled again. Look for companies that have a consensus. If more than average people have loved their service, choose that company.

Goes No Contact Before D-Day

An experienced pool table moving company underizmir escorts that eskişehir escort in touch with the clients is an essential step. Especially when previous and fragile items like pool tables are concerned. They try to survey the current home of the client right bakırköy escort the moving day comes so that the team faces no surprise on the final moving day.

However, if you notice that the company you have hired for pool table moving is not receiving your calls or responding to your mails, it is because they are scammers.

These sort of scammers who pose as movers disappear bakırköy escort the final moving day since they know about their lack of expertise. To avoid these sorts of incidents get help from such an authentic mover who will take money from you at the end of the pool table moving. This way you can be assured that your money isn’t going in vain.

Underizmir escorting these common scamming moves and the solutions will help you in having a great experience while moving pool tables. Looking for professional pool table movers? Try College Dudes Help U Move. Whichever company you go for make sure that they are authentic and experienced.

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