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10 essential decoration trends for the office

An office must be functional but also stylish! Focus on the 10 essential decoration trends that will make your office a place where you will love to settle. Follow the leader!


The designer office is şişli escortity incarnate. If you are looking for a minimalist workspace, this is the decor style for you. To set up a design office, you will need sleek furniture with pretty shapes imagined by talented designers. In terms of materials, there are noble and refined materials such as wood, ceramics and glass. Polycarbonate and polypropylene are also highly sought after! Finally, we bet on minimalist decorative accessories to keep lightness in your office decoration!


The Scandinavian style is very trendy! In the office, it translates into shades and light wood species to create a warm and bright workspace. Among the essentials of the Scandinavian office, the Nordic style office table and chair, like the famous Eames chair bakırköy escort for its white shell, its oblique wooden legs and its pretty Eiffel-shaped spacer. To complete the decor of your office, add small decorative objects, a pretty plant or even photographs: your workspace will be a pleasant and restful place for the mind. Couldn’t be more hygge  !


Industrial decoration in the office is a trendy style that brings cachet and authenticity. Inspired by workshops, this office style will have an energizing effect. For a successful interior design, bet on office furniture made with raw materials such as wood, metal and leather. Don’t hesitate to opt for the upcycling trend in your decoration either by customizing old steel factory lockers to make beautiful storage. In order to achieve an authentic industrial decor, we also advise you to pay particular attention to the floor and the walls, which will also participate in the creation of a loft atmosphere. Brick, real or imitation on wallpaper, is ideal for this type of decoration! You can also bet on slate paint to transform your wall into a work tool. Another alternative, the waxed concrete floor, a must for industrial decorations.


The bohemian office calls for travel and getaway! His favorite materials are rattan, wicker and wickerwork. Also bet on wooden office furniture. On the color side, your bohemian decoration will be successful if you incorporate warm and “earthly” shades: brown, green, ochre, yellow… To perfect your boho office , bet on plants and ethnic motifs. Finally, don’t forget to take care of your wall decoration! Photographs of your various trips and macrame accessories will be perfect. Thanks to these tricks you will get an office where it will be easy to escape!


Eco-responsible decoration is popular! For good reason, it is a decoration that can be both design and respectful of the environment. To fit out an eco-design office, choose natural and sustainable materials: PEFC or FSC certified wood, recycled materials and recyclable materials. Similarly, for your office chair and your table, bet on French or European-made furniture which has the advantage of reducing the carbon footprint.


Are you looking for a desk that is functional and practical in all respects? Arranging an ergonomic office will allow you to have a workspace at home that is at the height of comfort and practicality. Ergonomic furniture has the advantage of facilitating movement while taking care of your body by reducing the risk of body aches and back pain. This furniture is therefore very practical, if you spend long hours sitting in front of your desk! In terms of style, we like their shapes which are out of the ordinary and which bring şişli escortity to the interior decoration of your workspace. For choosing the bursa escort ergonomic desk, we recommend the collection from Homary.


In a cocooning office, you will (almost) not feel like you are working! There are warm wooden furniture and often a comfortable and cozy office chair. For more softness, we associate it with a warm plaid and we install a soft carpet on the ground. Rounded shapes are particularly appreciated in this style of decoration, as they contribute to the creation of a cozy atmosphere. The colors of the cocooning office are light and luminous hues that soothe the mind. Finally, to perfect your office decor, we advise you to associate your desk lamp with some light garlands. Cocoon effect guaranteed!


We love vintage in the office! This charming decoration gives character to your interior and Fethiye Escort you to create a pleasant and stylish workspace. To furnish a retro office, you will need a vintage office table. Furniture inspired by the 1950s to 1970s is making a comeback. It is often made of solid wood but you can also find rattan or touches of metal such as brass. The secretary desk is one of our favorites for a successful vintage desk! Combine it with a retro office chair and, why not, with aged leather upholstery, for a more authentic vintage desk!


The Arty decoration is installed in the office to transform it into a real creative space! This rather free style of decoration encourages the expression of creativity and imagination. In the Arty office, there are a lot of decorative alanya escort ilan: paintings, sculptures, photographs… It’s a decor that is on the side of maximalism and accumulation. It’s up to you to choose the colors, shapes and materials you want to integrate into your office decoration! Finally, it is a very colorful decoration that likes old furniture but can also favor designer office furniture. Let yourself be tempted by this style, it’s your creativity that will give it personality!


One of the trends is undoubtedly the space-saving desk! The least we can say is that the designers compete in ingenuity to offer solutions to all tsot who do not have a dedicated room to accommodate it or who tsottsot“>tsot have little space. Among our favorite solutions, compact furniture, burdur escortible furniture or even the folding wall desk. Choosing 2 in 1, especially if your workspace is set up in another room, such as the bedroom or living room, is a smart idea. Once your work is done, your desk will be discreet and won’t clutter up your room unnecessarily.

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